Money and sliding scale

I see money as a very practical way to meet some of our needs. We all have different access to money and resources due to circumstances such as: where in the world we live, what social class we belong to, what education we have, how old we are and whether we are active in the labor market or not. To enable people of different backgrounds to attend my workshops, I therefore sometimes apply a sliding scale to the cost. 

If you like what I do and have the opportunity to pay an amount in the higher range, you are contributing to giving me more time to offer workshops and to making it possible for people with low income to attend my workshops. 

If you like what I do but are not able to pay that much, choose the amount in the lower range. You are equally welcome no matter how much you pay.

If money is the only reason why you choose not to participate, I would like you to contact me so we can come up with a solution that suits us both. If you want to attend a workshop, we will find a way to make it possible.

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