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Community – Zoom Talk with Volkmar Richter

Welcome to Week 2 of the Needs’ Year! This week Joachim Berggren will have a conversation with Volkmar Richter about the need of Community. Registration: To receive the access to the Zoom link, choose the free or the premium subscription of “The Needs’ Year” HERE! Date of the Zoom Talk: 11 January … Läs mer

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Introduction to needs

Introduction to needs Welcome to our first Zoom Talk! This is the introduction to the Needs’ Year. In this Zoom Talk you will meet Joachim Berggren, Carolyn Davies and other certified NVC trainers. We will talk about needs from the perspective of Nonviolent Commucation and our own experience. … Läs mer

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Re:Active Lab

In this workshop we will use our present moment awareness as a guide in how we relate. Läs mer

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