CNVC is searching for an executive director

I got a mail the other day about CNVC searching for an executive director. Among other things they want people who apply to answer those questions;

·     What role does NVC play in your life?
·     What’s your experience with strategic planning?
·     What is your experience with producing budgets?
·     What is your hands-on experience with fundraising?
·     What is your experience working with Board members of a not-for-profit?

And before applying they want you to consider these questions:

  1. To reasonably ensure that we’re sharing the same values, we’d like you to be a Certified Trainer of CNVC or a registered Certification Candidate or have equivalent NVC consciousness and NVC communication skills.
  2. You have experience of running an NGO and have strong administrative skills.
  3. You have a willingness to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico where the CNVC office is located.

The last day for application is January 28.

I have more information and how to apply in a mail. If you’re interested, send a mail to me and I will forward the mail to you:

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