European NVC Summer Festival 2019

NVC-Festival-2018-Joachim-Berggren-KommunikationNow it’s time to register if you want to be a part of the European NVC Summer Festival 2019. It’s the 16th year of the festival and the second one in Germany and this time it takes place in Frankfurt, July 16-23. To be part of the festival you don’t need any previous experience of NVC, but of course it helps to have an interest. Over 100 participants has applied and if you want to be sure to receive a place I would suggest that you apply now.

The festival is organized in alignment with Open Space technology. In short this means that there are no formal trainers, but the participants offer workshops themselves and attend workshops during the week. There is however a daily structure in which those workshops are taking place. The main topic of the festival is of course NVC, but traditionally a number of the workshops are inspired by other subjects and practices.

For me the festivals have been a great source of joy and learning as well as a bit of pain and frustration. That always seems to happen to me when I meet people over a longer period of time in such an intense setting as the festival. It is a great opportunity to both have a great time and to work on your hidden spots.

Read more about the festival and apply here.


If you don’t have the opportunity to attend the European Festival you might be interested in the Swedish festival that will happen June 13-16. Read more here (soon there will be an English translation).

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