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The European NVC Summer Festival 2021

Welcome to join th European NVC Summer Festival 2021! Registration is now open. The European NVC Summer Festival revolves around the process known as Nonviolent Communication or NVC. It’s a meeting place for people interested in NVC, coming from different … Läs mer

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The European NVC Summer Festival

Note! Due to the current situation regarding the new coronavirus, we can not know if the festival will take place or not. When we are more sure this site will be uppdated. Welcome to the European NVC Summer Festival 2020. This … Läs mer

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European NVC Summer Festival 2019

Now it’s time to register if you want to be a part of the European NVC Summer Festival 2019. It’s the 16th year of the festival and the second one in Germany and this time it takes place in Frankfurt, … Läs mer

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Hantera konflikter

Inför årets ”European NVC Summerfestival” fick jag ansvaret att organisera konflikthanteringsgruppen. Som ett genrep inför denna uppgift såg jag till att organisera en konflikthanteringsgrupp även på den svenska NVC-festivalen som jag arrangerade på Tollare Folkhögskola.

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